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South Slavic round dances are kolos-circles. The circle work imbues solidarity and a sense of being one family globally


"Utilizing First Person Story with Trauma Survivors in Bosnia and Sri Lanka: Metaphors create a symbolic congruence that is 'inclusive' and universal across cultures

Da li nas Majka Priroda gadja kamenjem?

Feminine Matrix- Female Culture and Humanity - The War Never Ends

Bosnia April 2006 Ahmici War Crimes Memorial and July 2006 Trauma Training


Resume, Danica Anderson

Bulgarian Kolo Musical Instrument

Kolo Sumejja Circle

Kosovo Women's Dress-Bojce

Ahmici War Memorial- Kolo Sumejja Women

Rwenzori Mts of the Moon

Kolo training

Bogey (Bogumile) and Danica- NW Forest Kinship

Two Dogs in the Forest

Faces of farming- Bosnian Women embracing Self-sustainability Crisis

Color of earth

Novi Travnik Grandmother- Stari Baba

Novi Travnik Grandmother-Stari Babas

Sweeping Baba Yagas - Novi Travnik

Sri Lanka Kolo

Marija Gimbutas- Baltic Origins that hails from Old Europe

Bosnia Man of the Year

Bosnia Man of the Year

Bosnia Man of the Year Image 1

Sri Lankan Buddhist Nun

Sri Lankan Young Women

Sri Lanka- Samesevya (Red Cross)

Danica- South Slavic Kinship Inside Tree at Tolmie

Danica Anderson

Sentient Beings, Trees, Dogs & Me

Hate crimes continues- Nuem Bosnia

Romano Girl/infant Birthplace-Novi Travnik, Bosnia Dump

American Artist Erin Hilleary paints Ahmici War Crimes Mosque from photo

Bosnia April 2006 Ahmici War Crimes Memorial- Kolo Sumejja Women Remember

What is Friendship when we slaughter our neighbors?

Bosnia 2006 Female Kinship

Mourning Sebrenica Widows at Memorial


Kolo-Round Dance, Blood & Honey Icon

Amijca Bosnia Women War Crimes Survivors Painting

Vinca Serbian Figure Heads


Cycladic Pregnant Goddess

Snake Knossos

Bulgarian Enthroned Goddess

Balkan Bird Goddess-Duck


Vulka Na Burza Dumase

Say Goodbye


Jarino Jarino

I Want You to Know

Vulka Na Burza Dumase

Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye

Gather the Women

Dodolica Pesna

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