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Photo gallery

I would not claim your attention if I did not know of the relations of our world and how it is a matter of intellectual and heart intelligence leading to wisdom. How else to memorialize the dead, the tortured, the war survivors, the war crimes survivors and the beauty of the land and the people?
Danica Anderson

Susana Koric Novi Travnik, Bosnia

Three-Fingered Bird Goddess

Korea's "Juicy Girls"

KOLO Trauma Gathering

Bulgarian Round Dance- Hands The Hora (Bulgarian) - the kolo (South Slavic) are expressed. Note the weaving of hands in the belts. Paleolithic caves across the globe have hand silhouettes. In the Islamic world, and with South Slavic Muslims, the Hand of Fatima is revered. The early Bogumile sect (geographically in Bosnia, former Yugoslavia) on Bogumile standing stones show an enlarged hand of a male warrior to exclaim no weapon or violence which points to the mystical connection of hands and connection to the Balkan Bird Goddess’s wings later morphing into angel wings. India connects to the five digits as the five elements of earth, while Islam five fingers are the proclamation of faith, prayer, pilgrimage, fasting and generosity. Native Americans, First Peoples employed a Mother Tongue with the use of hand signals to communicate.

Feet: Opanca- leather shoes


CURA (Girls) Helsinki Human Rights Danica Presents

CURA (Girls) Helsinki Human Rights Blg. Sarajevo

Tremendous Attention

Daring Feminists Changing their that changes the world

Feminist Center Rome March 2010

Ahmica Muslim Women War Crimes Center

Memory Tattered and Torn is now striking Feminine Potential

The Round Kolo, The Cups

Sana Koric organizing Kolo Conference Event

Tripods-cauldrons of the Kolo matriarchal members of peaceful communities

Concurrent symposia, sweets and coffee in an Ahmica Bosnian house

10th Anniversary of the Kolo-Conference March 2010

The Kolo: Women's Cross Cultural Conference March 2010

10th Kolo Anniversary Celebration- Bosnia

Masks in the aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake

Haiti -Living in Fear living in the streets

32 Seconds to Destruction

Canadian Military Ferries out Volunteers

To Feed or Not BE

Haiti, Port of Prince Snapshot of Catastrophe

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana Koric with Danica Anderson

Bosnian Diaspora at Washington State Park

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana & Nihad Koric

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

The Silent Wailing

Female Memory-Ahmica War Crimes Memorial

Incredible Hulk Movie Image 2008

Visible remains of Spiritual Practices

Mexico City Markets

Ancient City floating islands

Ancient City-Mexico Bioculinary

Enkidu Conference Organizers

Mexico Ancient City Canal boats

Mexican Indian Tribal Dances

Mexico Clay Goddesses

Blood & Honey Illustration of Old Europe Artifacts

Handmade Silver Turkish Cup

Ahmica Women War Crimes Survivors

Kolo Sumejja Women

Bosnian Death Highway

Old Europe- Bosnian Witches

Krishanti with Danica & Victor

South Slavic-Bosnian Kolo Dancing

Jamaica's Great House-Good Hope in the Afternoon

West Vista from Jamaica's Great House- Good Hope

Turning the Key

Dancing Shoulder to Shoulder in the Kolo

Kolo Sumejja Gathering

Bosnian Gate of Memory

Danica Anderson & Connie Simpson - "100 Extraordinary Women"

Kolo Sisters Sharing

Sprouting out of Mt Vlasic-Wild Pear tree

Sana Koric Wisdom of Flora and Fauna

Old Stone Shelter for Sheep

Better than Starbucks

Singing Sheep Herder-Mt. Vlasic

View from the trees of Kampala's urban sprawl

Flora & Fauna of Kampala Ugandan

Squatters rights via Nest & Perches in Ugandan Tree Tops

Bird Goddess in the skies of Kampala Uganda

Helicopter flight view departing from Beni

Huff & blow down your house of sticks

Prison, Beni DRC

Big Business: Salon

Child Collecting & Carrying Water

Congo Children's Playground

Congolese children dance in the rain

Down from clouds in Bunia, Africa

Serpentine Congolese River

View of clouds and a wing

Mia Farrow's Darfur Exhibit ,Denver

Amy Trussel

Dispersion of inner power cured by ethical duty?

Bosnians Working the Fields

Sarajevo: Burned & Destroyed Library

Bulgarian Kolo Musical Instrument

Domovi-Cracked & Tortured Homes

War Crimes Memorial

Great Mother-a metaphor for Nature

Bosnian Women at the Fountain

Kolo Sumejja Circle

Bosnian Bioculinary Art of Pita Dough

Firewood- Bosnian central heating & Garbage

100 Extraordinary Women

Kosovo Women's Dress-Bojce

Bosnian Bioculinary Art Pita Dough

Bogumile Resting Place Donj Vakuf Bosnia

Bogumile Standing Stones Bosnia

Ahmici War Memorial- Kolo Sumejja Women

Ferry to Cameroon from Chad

Chad Refugee Camp's Few Huts

Chad, Abeche Refugee Camp

Village gender issues for Ugandan women

Dying alone

Baby & Mother

Africa, Ugandan Women Feeding the Community

Congolese Woman Carrying burdens

Shady hillside

Comfort over lunch

Centerfold pride

Bountiful aftermath

Bullet holes and firewood

Healing grounds

Sisters in survival

Kolo links the town

Kolo training

The Sumejja Kolo trip to Sebrenica Muslim widows

Faces of farming- Bosnian Women embracing Self-sustainability Crisis

Bosnian woman washing clothes

Guess her age

Bosnian Woman Waving- Invisible to Visible

Honoring Invisible Women's Work

Bosnian Women at Nov Travnik Mt. Water Stream

Braiding hair

Ahmica Mosque suffering Mayhem & Hate

Bosnian Survivor of war


Bosnian Grandmother- Pita (Strudel) Dough

Visiting Dubrovnik

On the bus- Sana Koric Kolo Sumejja President

Churning butter-Ancient South Slavic Female Practices

Color of earth

Novi Travnik Grandmother- Stari Baba

Novi Travnik Grandmother-Stari Babas

Pocitelj return of Muslim families-War Window

Pocitelj return of Muslim families- View from Mosque

Pocitelj return of Muslim families- Children selling fruit

Famished Kolo Sumejja Women Picnic

Mostar Bridge

Travnik Dying Grandmother Romano woman

The Widow Goddess Sana Koric

The Widow Goddess Kolo Sumejja Novi Travnik

The Widow Goddess Dead Chicken

The Widow Goddess Pocetelj Fruit Seller

The Widow Goddess Site of War Crimes Ahmica

The Widow Goddess Ahmici War Crimes Survivor

Bird Goddess Sarajevo Stari Baba (Wise Grandmother)

Sweeping Baba Yagas - Novi Travnik

Sebastiao Salgado Image Migration in humanity Bosnia

Smoking widow goddess

Putting a Story and a Face to Domestic Violence with Bosnian Refugees and Immigrants

Putting a Story and a Face to Domestic Violence with Bosnian Refugees and Immigrants

Sri Lanka Kolo

Marija Gimbutas- Baltic Origins that hails from Old Europe

Bosnia Man of the Year

Bosnia Man of the Year

Bosnia Man of the Year Image 1

Sri Lankan Buddhist Nun

Sri Lankan Young Women

Dying Elk Mystery- What is it telling us?

Hate crimes continues- Nuem Bosnia

Romano Girl/infant Birthplace-Novi Travnik, Bosnia Dump

Bosnia April 2006 Ahmici War Crimes Memorial- Kolo Sumejja Women Remember

What is Friendship when we slaughter our neighbors?

Bosnian Coffee Cup Reading Travnik Bosnia

Vests- South Slavic Memories Threaded

Shattered and Abandoned Home

A Place for Women's Songs

Kolo Meeting in Ahmica

Kolo Somatic Movements

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