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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga translated means "Fright" & Pelican. Baba Yaga is Mother Nature and greatly respected by Slavs globally



Valeria Ana Bembibre Interview about KENN®* (Ketonic nasogastric nutrition)

Bosnia & Rome Women’s International Day Schedule-Conference 2010 March 15-25th, 2010

Six Days in Haiti: After the Mega Earthquake

Erasing the silence and the danger of a single story; Women in the aftermath of violence and wars, the multitude and the Kolo of first female/person story.

Bird Killing 300 Mile Coastal Toxic Algae Bloom & South Slavic One Species Mind

Witches in the 21st Century

A Donde Vas? Where are you Going?

Da li nas Majka Priroda gadja kamenjem?

Weeping Trees

Is Mother Nature throwing rocks at us?

A Place Where Women Rule

Padma Menon

Horse Whisper of Psychology

Feminine Matrix- Female Culture and Humanity - The War Never Ends

The Body of the Earth Goddess: Ireland and the Passage Tombs

The Balkan Bird Goddess: Birds falling from the skies

Boziva Udovica

The Widow Goddess…

Sazivanje vijeca bijele breze

Evoking the White Birch Tree Council

Five women from Den Haag, Prague and Sarajevo


Women have exceeded their Sex- Joan of Arc- modern day role model for Mother’s Day

Sweeping Baba Yagas

The First Witch was Bosnian

Bosnia April 2006 Ahmici War Crimes Memorial and July 2006 Trauma Training


Three-Fingered Bird Goddess

Open Arms in Travnik Bosnia

Life in the Aftermath of Death


Daring Feminists Changing their that changes the world

Feminist Center Rome March 2010

Ahmica Muslim Women War Crimes Center

The Kolo: Women's Cross Cultural Conference March 2010

10th Kolo Anniversary Celebration- Bosnia

Haiti, Port of Prince Snapshot of Catastrophe

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana Koric with Danica Anderson

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Mexico Clay Goddesses

Old Europe- Bosnian Witches

Bosnian Gate of Memory

Bird Goddess in the skies of Kampala Uganda

Bosnian Women at the Fountain

Bosnian Bioculinary Art of Pita Dough

Baby & Mother

Africa, Ugandan Women Feeding the Community

Faces of farming- Bosnian Women embracing Self-sustainability Crisis

Honoring Invisible Women's Work

Bosnian Grandmother- Pita (Strudel) Dough

Bird Goddess Sarajevo Stari Baba (Wise Grandmother)

Bosnia 2006 Female Kinship

Vests- South Slavic Memories Threaded

Living Kolo Dance, South Slavic round dance and circle


Three Wise Grandmothers Iconic Messengers

Bird Goddess Winged

Blood & Honey Icon: Goddess Dodola-Cloud Woman

Blood & Honey Icon: Transparency & Invisibility

Balkan Bird Goddess-Storied Aprons

Bogumile Lost Goddesses

Broken Broom, Victims & Martyrs

Amijca Bosnia Women War Crimes Survivors Painting

Blood & Honey Icon "Hands & Feet"

Baba Yaga The Widow Goddess

Balkan Bird Goddess Enthroned

Balkan Divine Nurse Bear/Bird Goddess

Blackbird-the Crow


South Slavic Old Europe Women's Chant Neolithic Memory

South Slavic Old Europe Women's Chant Sung Poetry

Song from Vrlika

Jarino Jarino

Vulka Na Burza Dumase

Dodolica Pesna

Blood and Honey Cards Instructions


Short Interview with Mary Sherhart

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