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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Recognized with Vietnam Veterans in the 1960's, PTSD replete with flashbacks and severe depression are some of its features


“South Slavic Blood & Honey Oral Memory Traditions”

The Whistleblower

Bosnia & Rome Women’s International Day Schedule-Conference 2010 March 15-25th, 2010

Six Days in Haiti: After the Mega Earthquake

UN PeaceKeepers Involved in Congo War Atrocities

What is Missing?

Witches in the 21st Century

Amnesty International -Bosnian Muslim women protest the UN war crimes tribunal's failure to charge two men with rapes they committed in the 1992-95 war

Srebrenica survivors are reeling at a recent admission by The Hague tribunal

A Donde Vas? Where are you Going?

"Utilizing First Person Story with Trauma Survivors in Bosnia and Sri Lanka: Metaphors create a symbolic congruence that is 'inclusive' and universal across cultures

Bosnia Death's Highways to Trauma


Bosnia-War Sex Slave Story: 'Every Day We Were Raped'

Putting a Story and a Face to Domestic Violence with Bosnian Refugees and Immigrants

Skrivanje pod crnom kisom

Childhood nightmares and dreams of revenge

A Place Where Women Rule

Once thriving town haunted by ’95 slaughter

So what does it mean that the Elk cows and their calves are simply lying down and dying

Death Consciousness and Adrenalin Addiction

Sazivanje vijeca bijele breze

Evoking the White Birch Tree Council

The Impact of First Person Story on Posttraumatic Stress in a Clinical Communal Format -- The Kolo -- in Bosnian Muslim women Refugees.

Bosnia April 2006 Ahmici War Crimes Memorial and July 2006 Trauma Training


Three-Fingered Bird Goddess

Herstoric Meeting- 10th anniversary of the Kolo in Bosnia 2010

2011 Conference Moved to October 13, 2011

Life in the Aftermath of Death

Annual Kolo Conference- Bosnia June 2011

Masks in the aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake

Haiti -Living in Fear living in the streets

32 Seconds to Destruction

Canadian Military Ferries out Volunteers

To Feed or Not BE

Haiti, Port of Prince Snapshot of Catastrophe

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana Koric with Danica Anderson

Bosnian Diaspora at Washington State Park

Bosnian Diaspora- Susana & Nihad Koric

Kolo Sumejja Women

Bosnian Death Highway

Sarajevo: Burned & Destroyed Library

Kolo Sumejja Circle

American Artist Erin Hilleary paints Ahmici War Crimes Mosque from photo

Shattered and Abandoned Home

Kolo Meeting in Ahmica

Kolo Somatic Movements


Three Wise Grandmothers Iconic Messengers


The Kolo: A Community of Healing

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