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Inscribed social memory working collectively with agriculture, herbs, food crops, animal husbandry to bee keeping tht prserve South Slavic ancient Neolithic Practices.

Bioculinary- Inscribed memory of what ancient South Slavs & South Slavic war survivor Foods & Herbs
The Balkan 100 years of war threatens the traditional South Slav dining and culinary arts. Why? The recipients of the violence are women and attack the destruction of the land where food nests and roots into the nutrient rich soil.
The South Slavic women from days so long ago has inscribed within their cellular memories a pharmacy and storehouse of partnership between the land, the botany, agriculture and healthy bodies.
What remains is perhaps a distant cousin to the diet and lifestyle of my ancient South Slavic grandmothers. But it is all that I have at this point.
When I watched the war crimes victims- gnarled hands of grandmothers- as they plied the phyllo dough sheets or hunt for the plant called "mother's milk," I knew I was witnessing a return of our Neolithic and Paleolithic grandmothers.
A bioculinary evolution and explosion into the days so long ago during the last Balkan war delved into the sensual pleasures of eating rooted in nature. Nature is another word for Baba Yaga. The ecstatic joy the Bosnian Muslim war crimes survivors, mothers and grandmothers with each seedling sprouted or the indolent dropping of ripe plums from thick fat branches celebrated the partnership between the land and their birth giving bodies.
The Ahmici women war crimes survivors harvest their land and do food preparation together in the kolo, the round circle. Neatly tied scarves adorn their hair while huge Slavic hands cradle food lovingly grown remains at the heart of their life and an eternal occupation.
In my book, a study of whole patterns, symbols that pour into archetypal movements there is none of the reductionism or the breaking down into sound bites or bite size indistinguishable morsels. It is not a self-help book and the bioculinary recipes are about depth and span, not quantity and definitely no subtraction. It invites you into the exciting hunt for the wild game or wild food that grow between great forests and steep hillsides.
The South Slavic bioculinary recipes are to provide with the printed words more truth experiences South Slavic females endlessly dive into which create elegant archetypal acts. Baba Yaga inscriptions, the archetypal movements, the bioculinary recipes is not a book mindlessly consumed or mechanical binging for answers.
The recipes and the Baba Yaga Inscriptions have no answer section in the back of the book. This living tree of a book has the elements to take you from mere surface living to the act of manifesting community and culture.


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